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Security One Lending - Johnny Sweeney

Reverse Mortgage Lender Overview
Security One Lending - Johnny Sweeney

Mission Statement Security One Lending will provide the Senior Homeowner with an educational and informative reverse mortgage experience. The complete process will have been a no pressure, ethical and honest relationship with trust serving as the foundational principal. Our goal is to provide financial independence to all senior homeowners in America. Security One Lending will be known as the national service provider, and the preferred choice among Senior Homeowners for information and education on the Reverse Mortgage Process. Core Values Any Company is only as good as its heart. Our corporate culture has been defined by the following “Core Values”: » Integrity One’s character is not tested when things are going well. Character is gauged in times of chaos and adversity. We will only keep people in our organization that demonstrate high levels of character/integrity. Our reputation is more precious than gold. » Loyalty Loyalty is a two way street. Our organization understands that we must demonstrate loyalty before we can expect this core value in return. As partners in this venture, we must be loyal to each other in order to reach our mutual goals and objectives. » Work Ethic Our organization will focus upon people that embody work habits and practices that represent the firm and consumer well. Those that do not share this motivation should find success elsewhere. » Compassion Security One Lending contributes a portion of its earnings to a variety of global causes. Our Company History Based in San Diego, California, Security One Lending launched its operation in November of 2006 as a California based retail mortgage lender. The Firm initially specialized in reverse mortgage loans from its handful of retail Loan Officers. The growth plan focused on the expansion of its existing retail loan origination channel through the development of company owned stores within Southern California and the acquisition of additional retail branches throughout the Western and Southeastern sections of the United States. Additionally, S1L has expanded its traditional forward mortgage retail production and the incremental evolution of its mortgage banking enterprise through the funding of its retail generated Conventional, FHA/VA Forward and its FHA Insured Reverse mortgage production. In June of 2009 Security One Lending acquired Omni Reverse based in Mission Viejo California. Omni has been a leader in the reverse mortgage business since 2005. OMNI was founded in 2002 as a Government Lending Specialist. At that time, 3 founding partners came together to merge their collective years of experience with one principle in mind, to make the home ownership dream a reality by assisting customers with the most affordable home financing programs available. This principle was built upon the foundation of a commitment to service, education, and the most efficient processing in the industry. Today, Security One Lending is currently licensed in 28 states. It operates with Retail branches located in the California region, Georgia, Missouri, Texas and South Carolina with over 100 loan originators. It also operates its mortgage banking platform, supporting the reverse retail, reverse wholesale, and forward retail origination channels from its San Diego Corporate Headquarters. Security One Lending now offers a full range of loan products from its reverse mortgage programs to conventional and FHA forward mortgages. The Firm is positioned primarily as a retail-based mortgage banker and has experienced strong and consistent growth, distinguishing itself as one of the top reverse mortgage lenders in California.

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Security One Lending - Johnny Sweeney
934 North Magnolia Ave #1610
Orlando, FL 32803
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Borrower Eligibility
  • Borrowers must be 62 & older
  • Must own property and occupy as primary residence
  • Participate in an information counseling session
  • Property must meet FHA property standards
  • Maintain home with needed repairs, property taxes and insurance

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