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Reverse Mortgage Report - Part 1

This is the first part of our new Reverse Mortgage Report series where different seniors share their reverse mortgage experiences with us.
William Shaw
I retired last summer and I was kinda worried about how I would be able to meet the rising costs of living with my meager pension checks. Luckily my wife and I [...]

Reverse Mortgages on the Horizon again

Only a few senior citizens these days feel they have built up an adequate nest egg for meeting the expenses of their golden years. Higher costs of living and higher life expectancies are forcing senior citizens to consider more options for converting assets into liquid income upon retirement. One such option is the reverse mortgage. [...]

New Generation Plus reverse mortgage product for high value homes

Generation Mortgage has announced the availability of Generation Plus, a new jumbo reverse mortgage package (fixed rate) for houses valued up to $6 million.
The product is tailored for senior home owners whose homes have an appraised value higher than $1,000,000.
Jeff Lewis, the Chairman of Generation Mortgage said many home owners with high-value homes find themselves [...]