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Reverse Mortgage to Supplement Income and Take Care of Expenses

For many Americans, reaching the retirement age is when they have accumulated enough capital in the form of a home property. Reverse mortgages are not like a regular loan. Reverse mortgages help many retirees meet their financial difficulties and help them maintain their independence and dignity. Retirees are reaching out for this solution in record [...]

New Reverse Mortgage Pricing Option Allows Seniors Ability to Unlock More Equity

Reverse mortgages allow older homeowners to get cash out of their homes without having to make payments. Reverse mortgages are often used by people who would like to stay in their own homes but need some extra money to pay for things like medical bills. They can also use the money to travel, to take [...]

National Council on Aging starts providing free reverse mortgage counseling

The National Council on Aging (NCOA) announced that it will offer free reverse mortgage counseling for home owning American senior citizens via its RMCS (Reverse Mortgage Counseling Services) network.
Counselors affiliated with the RMCS will start temporarily waiving the usual $125 counseling fee. This move is intended to help more senior home owning citizens understand how [...]

More Seniors Are Delaying Retirement

Here is an interesting Email we got showing how Seniors are now more likely to delay their retirement.
Last night, I was browsing through the internet to seek information about  retirement plans. My dad is going to retire in a couple of months, so I was helping him find a good plan.  I landed up on [...]