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Re-evaluate Your Home and its Place in Your Retirement

In the good old days, houses were only used for living in it. People in those days treated their homes as a place where they could find peace and solace. But at present, people are exploring beyond this.
Today, a house is treated as a piece of equity that can be used to induce cash flow. [...]

Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit that Grows

Reverse Mortgages are one of the only profitable deal in this economic meltdown. Unlike real estate and other investment sectors, it is proliferating with each passing day.
Reverse mortgages make use of home equity to generate regular income. It allows the borrowers to release their home equity in the form of one or more payments. Reverse [...]

Smart Ways to Access Your Housing Wealth

Home equity is the best retirement plan anyone can think of. It is a long-term tool, which can be effectively used to generate regular income.
A report generated by MetLife’s Mature Market Institute proposes that a home equity is very beneficial for those who are on the verge of retirement. The report makes it clear that [...]