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Reverse Mortgage Testimonials

Find out what others like you have done with their new-found financial freedom. Be sure to check out the Reverse Mortgage Lender Network for specific lender testimonials.

"After both of my parents' had passed I was in need of some extra cash for improvements for their home. The cash left over from the home improvements has also come in handy for my other expenses, especially the recent rise in my property taxes."
-Charlotte 65, FL

"My wife and I were both receiving Social Security, but our monthly expenses were beginning to exceed that income. I first heard of a reverse mortgage through the news and thought it may be an option. We needed to increase our monthly income in order to make our mortgage payments. I did have a lot of questions and once I started speaking to my loan officer my misconceptions were overcome. At that time I knew this was not a scam, but an option for my wife and I."
-Stephen 76, CA

"I have been a real estate broker for many years and I think a reverse mortgage is a great loan. I believe that it is important to continue to live your life fully especially once you retire and I am going to use the money to do just that. A reverse mortgage has put me in a situation of great comfort and I really do not have any worries. The great thing is that because my property is going to continue to appreciate over time, my children will benefit as well!"

"I had done a lot of Internet research, but never received a call until I made contact with the Reverse Mortgage Leads Network. I am a widow of 22 years and my pension payments have never changed, despite the increased cost in living expenses. For me, the kicker was the $800 increase in my monthly homeowner's insurance. A reverse mortgage has allowed me live my daily life without having to worry about paying my monthly expenses."
-Lois 77, FL

"I did not need a lot of monthly financial help, but my wife and I are in our 70's so I thought some financial planning was needed. By taking just the appreciation in our home as a reverse mortgage, we were able to pay off the mortgage on our "northern" lake home and continue living in Florida, without making any mortgage payments on either place. Also, in the event of my death, my wife could sell one or both properties to pay for extended care when she needs it. The Reverse Mortgage Lender Network representative was thorough and fast, explaining every detail to us."
-Al & Mary, FL

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