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Reverse Mortgages are a special type of loan available to senior citizens residing in the Unite States that own a home. The minimum age to qualify for a loan from a reverse mortgage lender is sixty-two.

By taking a reverse mortgage loan, a senior can continue to live in their home. A great advantage of a reverse mortgage loan is that a senior citizen retains the title to the home, not the lender. The homeowner still has to pay the property taxes, insurance and maintenance bills of the house.

A senior citizen can continue living in the home for as long as he or she wishes after getting the loan from the reverse mortgage lender. When the property is vacated by the last surviving senior listed on the loan, repayment of the loan needs to be made to the reverse mortgage lender. Either the senior citizen or his/her heirs (estate) must facilitate the pay back of the loan to the lenders using private funds or by selling the property itself.

The amount of funds a senior is eligible to receive from a reverse mortgage lender depends on the age of the borrower (or the age of the youngest borrower in the case of a couple). Generally the older you are, the more proceeds you are likely to receive from the reverse mortgage lender.

It has become easy to locate reverse mortgage lenders in your state using our large lenders directory. Many of the reverse mortgage lenders listed in our directory are members of the NRMLA (National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association), and hold appropriate licenses to originate reverse mortgages in the states in which they have been listed.

This list is provided for consumers looking to locate reverse mortgage lenders whom they can contact in order to know more about reverse mortgages for their homes and properties. is constantly seeking out lenders with a consistent track record of reliability and commitment. All our Reverse Mortgage Lender Network Approved Lenders are properly licensed. We openly promote and strongly encourage each of the Network Approved Lenders to become NRMLA members and to abide by its code.

We encourage you to take advantage of our research by allowing us to recommend a qualified reverse mortgage lender to you. This is a FREE PUBLIC SERVICE provided by Reverse Mortgage Adviser and you are under no obligation to proceed.

Please help us to maintain the integrity of Reverse Mortgage Adviser and the Reverse Mortgage Lender Network by reporting consumer complaints through our Compliancy Center.